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Carolyn Conger PhD

Mentor and Guide

Carolyn Conger, PhD., was a teacher who conducted seminars internationally on

psychological growth, healing, dream work, intuition, creativity, and spirituality. She

lived with tribal societies throughout the world, studying their healing and metaphysical

arts. From her research in psycho-immunology and human energy fields, she also taught

mind/body techniques for optimum health. Her doctorate is in clinical psychology.


Wm. Coke Harrell MD

Meditation Teacher

Dr. Harrell's interest in creating a bridge between conventional and alternative medical treatments has led Dr. Harrell to develop ongoing research and treatment programs to respond to the needs and interests of an increasingly sophisticated and informed patient population. His focus includes new integrative treatment approaches to cancer, nutrition, preventive medicine, and mind/body therapies such as medical hypnotherapy and energy medicine, as well as other modalities

of complementary medicine. Also, Dr. Harrell conducts educational Wellness lectures and

seminars, and is well known for his ability to clearly explain complex medical/scientific

concepts to the layperson.

Dr. William Harrell received his M.D. degree in 1987 from the University of Southern California.

He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine as well at USC, and has been

in private practice in Santa Monica since 1990, where he is affiliated with St. John’s Hospital.


Brandon Lees NASM

Physical Trainer and Educator

Brandon Lees is a fitness instructor, based out of Santa Monica, California, who designs exercise and nutritional programs for those interested in improving their health and physical condition.

He has studied various modalities of exercise both traditional and revolutionary, to overcome

the harm of our “fast food society.” His personalized programs help individuals reach their goals

both efficiently and effectively. Brandon has instructed a variety of populations to help increase

their physical fitness, ranging from beginners learning how to exercise, to those seeking weight loss, to athletes wanting to improve their performance. He also has a background in physical therapy, which enables him to work with the physically disabled and individuals seeking rehabilitation from old or new injuries.


He hold a B.Sc. in Kinesiology and is certified by N.A.S.M. (National Academy of

Sport Medicine), NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers), and is

also a certified Z Health trainer.


Kim Calder PhD

Teacher and Creative Project Specialist

For more than fifteen years, Kim Calder has taught creative writing, literature, and critical theory

at universities such as UCLA and University of Maryland, as well as independent workshops

for organizations including CalArts and Conger Seminars. As an editor, they have prepared manuscripts for publishers including semiotext(e), Nightboat Books, New York University Press,

and Oxford University Press. Their current seminar and workshop offerings focus on experimental processes of “life-writing,” and they have assisted many writers and artists in completing manuscripts and other projects.


They hold a PhD in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Maryland, College Park. Their work has appeared in publications like The Believer, The Los Angeles Review of Books/LARB Quarterly, ASAP/Journal, Jacket2, Unsaid Literary Journal, and Berkeley Poetry Review. They are currently working on The Nervous System, an autotheoretical novella. Kim’s interests and areas of focus include hybrid genres, psychoanalysis, trauma and healing, astrology, subcultural and revolutionary movements, music, and somatics.

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