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Castaneda Review

We lost the power that unites the one who looks with that at which one looks. Anthropology led Castaneda to sorcery and this to the unitary vision of the world: to the contemplation of the otherness in the world of everyday. The sorcerers did not teach him the secret of immortality, nor did they give him the recipe of eternal bliss; they opened the doors to the other life. But the other life is here. Yes, here it is, the other reality is the world of everyday. In the center of this world of everyday flashes, like broken glass between the dust and trash of the backyard of the house, is the revelation of the world of there. What a revelation! There is nothing to see, nothing to say: all is allusion, secret signs, we are in one of the corners of the room of echoes, everything shows us signs and everything is silent and hidden. No, there's nothing to say.

- Unknown

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