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Flat Nothingness

There comes a time or two when we experience what I call the “flat nothing” in our spiritual growth. We’ve read all the books and don’t see anything that appears to be new in current publications. Other sources that used to inspire us through videos or classes lack that spark that used to take us deeper into our spiritual exploration.

What is going on? Am I a failure, a drop-out? Or worse yet, rejected by God or Source?

Hold your horses, a spirit guide might tell you, quoting an old-time saying, have patience.. You are a part of nature, along with all the trees, grasses, birds, animals, and other living creatures. Not one of these Beings on earth grows consistently and deeply into their own becoming. There are periods when the organism rests, takes a breath so to speak, and prepares for the next growth spurt.

Part of your life is meant to be grounded into ordinariness and non-growth. It is part of the human life into which you incarnated. To experience a true connection to Spirit one must know the dry season when you cannot connect.

We must be kind and gentle with ourselves. It’s all about trust. Trusting our intuition to guide us. Perhaps a dream about Sufism peaks our interest and we find an interesting article on the internet which spurs us to further study and investigation. Or a conversation with a hiker who shows you a canopy of trees and names it their church, starts you thinking that you might try meditating under the sheltering leaves. What you need for the next spiritual step will come to you when you are open.

Just sit, the guide might tell you. Just sit without any electronics or other things that would distract you. Just sit and listen, eyes open, and feel the air, the space, touching your skin. Don’t try to meditate. Don’t try to do anything. You are here and now. I am here and now, you would say… Just here. Just now…Totally present.

And then one day it happens. A shift in energy infuses your thoughts, and that flat nothingness loses its strength. Ideas and curiosities blossom in your mind and you feel a desire to again explore meditation, healing, dreamwork, or other practices in the spiritual realm.

Don’t forget about me, the guide says. I and you are part of a spiritual group that has existed for an immeasurable time…rotating between earth, other planets, and exploring life in form and non-form. We support all life, but can communicate directly with those in our group. There are billions of groups like ours, and sometimes the groups join forces.

Remember, you are not alone. Whether you know it or not, I am here with you for this lifetime. Talking with you is truly a joyous occasion.. I hope you call on me more, for being with you is my vocation. Blessings and love to you, my friend.

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This advice is most appreciated and appropriate for me today as I was looking to connect with Carolyn. I met her many years ago at a Brugh Joy seminar and I was impressed with her wisdom and loving being. Sad to learn about her passing but her wisdom and spirit lives on. In gratitude.



I never had looked at Carolyn's website, talking to her through phone or email instead. As she points out in this posting, we periodically come to a "flat nothingness". I am been encountering that nothingness which is relieved by doing dream work. It has been distressing to not feel the spark at other times, and so synchronistically I encountered this piece which counsels me to be open to what is being experienced now and just be with it, as it is. Thank you, Carolyn, for reaching beyond the grave to counsel me once more. May my/our blessings and love accompany you through the Bardo.

Mira Rossman

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