Love is the Blood of the Universe

When your heart aches And, some inner voice Recites that old list of faults

Or when the colors of the world Seem to pale and your Trying to be positive and upbeat Seems like a lie you tell to yourself

Remember that I too have felt this And, so have your mother, father, friends, and children And even the master teachers of the world

If you pause now Just for 10 seconds B r e a t h e And feel your Heart’s Beat

Know that your Heart-blood courses through you Without your effort or will It supports and feeds you even when you Feel helpless and defeated

A force, not in your control Some blood of the universe Flows through us until We are ready to leave

And today you might just Relax, let go and Be gentle to yourself And let yourself be carried By the love that gave you life

And know that you are not alone In your journey

© John Cooper • Feb 14, 2013

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