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The Portal Jewel Meditation

I’d like to share with you a meditative practice that I’ve been using for a few months. It’s a form of contemplation that I call the Portal Jewel practice.

My inspiration came from a dream in which I was a monk sitting in a cave with other monks, hooded in sackcloth, each of us reading a religious text. The thick smoke from candles and incense blurred the pages, giving a dreamy, otherworldly feeling to the experience. Quietly, we delved into the possible meanings of each sentence, each word. This has been an honored method of study in all the major religions.

Each week I choose a theme or thought to explore–this is The Jewel. And each day I go back to the same jewel and write my feelings, thoughts, questions, experiences, memories, and intuitions on this subject, which leads me further into the portal to the Soul. The writing journey is free form and can go anywhere– into bliss, darkness, or ordinariness. Writing in this way is healing, revelatory, and sometimes humorous.

Here’s my portal jewel for this week; perhaps you’ll join me in the exploration by posing questions and telling stories. I’m interested in what is revealed to you.

Relationships do not end with death; they go on forever. And often they can even become enhanced after someone’s death.

Blessings and love, Carolyn

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