I have a story to tell about a little 5 mo old American Eskimo puppy named Shadow. I’ve never met him physically, but my sister Marcia just drove 3400 mi round trip to save him from being put down. His breeder in Missouri called Marcia last week to tell her Shadow had been sold to a couple in Phoenix, Arizona in June. What the breeder didn’t know was that the couple were in their late 70’s and apparently were not capable of handling an “Eskie” at their age. The puppy had just had neuter surgery and was on pain med, when the man took his toy away from him for some reason. Shadow bit him bad enough that the man had to have stitches. The puppy was quarantined in a cage for 10 days, and not allowed to be touched. Arizona law is one bite and the animal is to be put down. The breeder (close friend of Marcia’s) was informed and she contacted Rescue(Headquartered in Chicago), who interceded for the pup and arranged to have Shadow released to a rep who would take him out of the state.

All of this over a puppy blew me away, when it involved my sister driving by herself to meet a now 48 hr. deadline. I have to admit I couldn’t imagine so many people, spending so much time, and so much money, just to keep a puppy from being killed. The thing is… my sister cared and I cared about my sister, so I initially connected with her energetically for her safe travel. Even after traveling all that way in such a short time, the shelter said if he bit anyone during the transfer this morning, the deal was off, and they would immediately put him down.

When my sister had told me his name, and told me he had been shivering in the back of a cage, I somehow felt myself connected to him. I stayed with him all this morning, feeling myself being drawn deeper and deeper into his spirit. He came to me as Shadow of My Heart, and I kept reassuring him that all these people loved him and wanted him to be safe. I asked him to stay quiet and let them rescue him. I got word this afternoon that Marcia has him and they are on their way back to his breeder’s farm. I couldn’t stop the tears and this unexplained bond with a puppy I’ve never met, and probably never will physically. But I did get an inner message that one 5 mo old pup managed to galvanize god knows how many people with a rippling effect that will never be measured.

© Mary Fyfe 2015

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