Virtual Sensuality

I decided to join you by the fire last night. When I first approached you I was smiling and my eyes were shining. It was so good to see you and hear your voice. The full moon was luminous. The wolves were howling a haunting serenade. I couldn’t resist howling with them, and I reached out for you to join me. The fire was warm and crackling, filling my senses with it’s deep woody fragrance, as the smoke swirled in patterns reaching for the sky. The grass was wet with dew that was turning slightly to frost, and the earth smelled rich and damp. The air was almost cold but crisp and fresh. I could hear the river running and for awhile just let it take me, again reaching out to you, so we were both floating free and swift down the center together. I sat behind you, the front of my heart center pressed against the back of yours, my arms cradling you, and I asked to open. There was a vortex of warmth, then heat spreading from the center, spiraling out. At the same time I placed my hands on your emotional center and your relationship center. In silence I asked the energy to go where it needed to go, as you rested your head against my breast. And then I surrendered, inwardly inviting you to travel with me. The energy swirled and blended. The sky around us was velvety black with stars filling the endless void. It was magic. After a while you turned and gazed into my eyes and smiled. I leaned into you and kissed you softly. Then said goodnight.

© Mary Fyfe 2016

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