Heart Strings

He was a relatively young man who had an exciting life. full of travel and speed. Across skies aflame with fire and ocean blues at dawn. Creeping circle rainbows were part of his world, along with loving moons rising red from horizons. Stars baring witness to his solitude and his openness to unfold his being into creation. His chest by the heart was open. Blood was deep and rich and red, as though vital, and yet energetically so dead. There was No pulse. There was 5 or 6 chords that looked as though they were made of sturdy gut material, which withstood the tests of time, ardor and blood. Which would be played. Crossing over the openness above the heart, waiting to be strummed for a final time. The Sage was a man of many places and thoughts and wisdoms. He had appeared once again from the shadows and darkness of life with great lightness of being. To perform the final rite of transformation for the man. Most importantly the sage was able to strum each cord with precision releasing the emotions of the life of the man. Bestowing a great blessing of being upon the soul departed. Mesmerized by the beauty, that even my present weeping still does not express the emotion of the song played on the strings of his heart… How could they…. all my love and appreciation……Bye

© Craig Hanson 2016

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