The Great Unfolding

As it is, the white crystal snow

Wrapped like a shawl around a great tree

Gives its permission for a time out

And, still in its winter meditations,

Like a great Buddha

Hides the green eruptions

To come

Neither your Excitement and Anticipation

Nor your Fear

Nor need for Power and Control

Nor desperate prayers

Nor impatience

Will change The Unfolding

So, do the only thing you can do

Sing the songs that bring you Joy

Weep the tears that spring from your heart

The price of affection is sorrow

The price of life is death

You did not create the world

Nor did you give life to your body

You are not to blame for feeling what all

Humans must feel if they are really alive

Invisible to you as the breather is to breath

There is the source from which you came

Sustaining you and available

In many forms, as many as you like

At this point, words fall very short

Like squeezing a watermelon through a straw

But you don’t have to be a priest, Sufi, or goddess

To drink from this well

Find a way, Your way

And believe with all your heart

That you are - just the way you are

A Sacred Part of The Unfolding

©John Cooper 2018

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