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Dear friends of Carolyn Conger,

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Carolyn departed her earthly body on June 23rd, 2023. This website,, is now home to her memorial. We invite you to read about her teachings, follow her meditation guidance, and browse the photo gallery of Carolyn's travels over the years. We welcome your submissions of stories and photos for use on the website and at the memorial gathering. You can submit two ways. You may either post a photo and/or message to the message board, or you may email your submissions to On September 16th, 2023, Carolyn's birthday, we invite you to join us for a memorial gathering to celebrate Carolyn’s life at the Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds. A post on the message board has been created to connect those looking to carpool and/or share rooms. We hope you too are surrounded by good memories of Carolyn as we knew her in this lifetime.

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